Acceptance into the 2015 Schaefer Portrait Challenge

I'm pleased to announce that one of my paintings, Yeshua/Horus, has been accepted into the Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2015. For those on Maui, feel free to visit the exhibit. See details below. Schaefer Portrait Challenge 2015 January 13 - March 22 Tuesday - Sunday,...

Progress, December 28 2014

About a quarter way through "My Brother's Keeper." There is still a lot more work to do. I plan to add subtle hints of marionette strings to the police and protesters to the left and right.

Progress, December 16 2014

This is a very rough sketch from a new piece I started last night. I believe I will call this "My Brother's Keeper." The American flag and other people will be added.

Progress, December 12 2014

About a quarter way through my tribute to meu Mestre, Mestre João Grande. Now I've got to add more detail to his face and figure out what will go in the background. Photo by Stéphane G.M.